Chapter 15.1

We were at the bar celebrating Enzo. It was Emmett  and Mia’s first night without their beautiful baby boy. It’s been about 2 months.

“Relaxed, first night without the baby boy.” Lacey asked.

“I’m actually a bit nervous. What if he misses me? What if he does something important and I miss it? Bree how do you do it?” Mia asked.

“It was hell too. But time away is good for you and the baby.” I smiled, “I had it easier than Dalton over here. He damn near ripped his hair out because Clarisse changed her diaper.”

“So this is normal?” Emmett asked.

“Yup. It will be suckish because of course you miss your baby. He’s half of you and half of the woman you love. The fact that he is an actual life created from the passionate love you two share is enough to never put him down. Looking him in the eyes is transcendatal and exhilirating. But like my wife said, you need time away. Your child needss space to grow and become his own person and learn his independence and you need space to remember that you have a life outside of your little baby. It’s good for your mental stabilaty.” Dalton said so eloquently.

“Holy shit. Do you always talk like that?” Lacey looked impressed and I got a bit possesive. We weare at a round table in a bar that was pretty vrowded. There was a dance floor on the other side.

“No. ONly when I’m passionate about something. And I just so happen to be passionate about kids, my wife, and photography.” he shrugged and sipped his beer. I rolled my eyes.

“He’s the sweet optimistic glass is half full of life sustaining fluid person. I’m the ‘I’ll kick your ass at any given second’ person.” I laughed.

“Honestly, you do seem like an ass first impression wise. You are just so fucking closed off and quiet. You just said more words in that explanation than you have in the years I’ve known you.” Lacey was impressed.

“Love.” He looked at me and smiled.

“Bree what did you do to him, he smiled.” Lacey joked.

“Eh, he makes me smile sometimes too.” I joked and looked at him, “You don’t come around enough.”

“I tell her all the time.” Jim said, “And baby momma you haven’t come around in a minute, too.”

“Sorry Pai de Bebe.” I winked and laughed. Dalton rolled his eyes he hates that words.

“Where have you been?” Jim asked.

“Helping my best friend with our baby.” I grinned.

“Is that why I haven’t seen you at my shop?” Steve asked.

“Yes sir. And I’m not going to apologize either.”

“And Mia, you have been incognito for ages. Does Emmett keep you locked in the tower or somthing?” Steve asked.

“No. ” she laughed.

“Mhmm. He proably threatens to dick you down anytime you try to go out and have fun.” Jim said.

“Hey now. That threat would get me to stay home all day too.” I sipped my margarita. Jim looked at me and just smirked.

“No, you wear the pants. The threat would probably be the other way around.” he laughed.

“Shove it.” Dalton gulped his beer.

“Hey now.” I looked at him. He raised an eyebrow but said nothing.

“So on a scale of one to ten, how wasted are we getting tonight?” Steve asked.

“Mia’s 18th birthday wasted.” Emmett grinned.

“Bitch, you’re Italian, why the fuck couldn’t you hold your liquor?” I asked.

“I don’t know. This American shit isn’t up to my standards.” she said.

“Amen.” I clinked my glass to hers.

“So you Brazilians have good alcohol tolerances or something?” Jim asked.

“Yes sir. My Dad used to give me tequila so I’d stop asking so many questions. I’m pretty sure I can handle my own.”

“How about we order some shots around here?” Emmett said.

“Let’s do this. Fuck yeah!” I tossed back the rest of my drink.

“Hey, want to shatter the glass?” Mia asked.

“Yes! HAven’t done this in a while.” I laughed and grabbed my margartia glass. She had a maragarita too.

“You can shatter glass with your voice?” Lacey asked.

“Yes, It’s been a while though, I wonder if I could do it.” she said.

“That’s pussy talk. Do it.” I laughed. She finished her drink and left the toothpick in there. She brought the g;ass close to her mouth and she belted out a high note. The glass completely shattered.

“Your turn Baby Momma.” she giggled. I left my toothpick in too.

“Hey, don’t rush me.” I held out a hand and sang out a note and raised it up. My glass damn near split in half.

“Damn bitch.” Lacey looked impressed.’

“It’s not fair. You always have more soul in your voice.” Mia said.

“No. I can sing normally. I just chose to soul my voice. I keep my voice souled up like Christina and you prefer the technical aspect of singing, like Whitney. You have just the right amount of soul to be auditorily perfect.”

“And you have just the right amout of technicality in your soul to be soulfully nurturing.” she smiled.

“Want to get these shots?” Steve asked.

“Yeah, let’s go.” I stood.

“How was work today?” I asked as we wlaked to the bar.

“It was surprisingly fast.” he smiled, “And no, I am not telling you about the girl that I am currenlty seeing.”

“Oh you’e seeing her now? Big step up from just smasjing.” I laughed.

‘She may be the one.” he grinned, “40 shots please.” he asked the bartender.

“When can I meet her?” I asked and leaned my side on the bar to face him. I looked quickly over to our table then back at him.

“I don’t know how to introduce her. When I figure that out then you can meet her.”

“Cool.” I smiled. The bartender placed the shots on the tray.

“I got it.”

“If you got it, why did you need me to walk over here?” I smirked and looked at him.

“You know you wanted to give me the 5th degree.” he smirked we were halfway to the table and a group of three men bumped into him.

“Watch out lil bitch.” they said to Steve.

“Excuse me?” I turned so fast I almost got whiplash.

“Your nigga was in my way.” the man said.

“First and foremost, he is not my ‘nigga’. Second of all, that word is disrespectful to throw around like that. You assumed he’s my ‘nigga’ as if he is my property or something.”

“Bree, let it go.” Steve siad.

“Yeah lil Mama, let it go.” The tallest of the group said. I sized them up. Mid twenties. A bit on the wiry side, probably recent college grads. All about 6 foot more or less.

“Say sorry.” I looked the ring leader in his amber eyes.

“Who’s going to make me?” he demanded.

“Me.” I threated, “So before I shove my fist so deep down your throat that you’ll be getting a prostate exam. Say sorry.” I said.

“We are not going to say sorry.” he folded his arms. I grabbed my hairtie and took all of two seconds to put my hair in a high ponytail.

“Last chance.” I shrugged.

“Fuck off.” the one to the left said. I crossfaced him and he fell to his knees. I kneed the middle in his stomach and threw and elbow at the one on the right, splitting his eyebrow open. The one in the middle lunged for me and I darted to the side, caught him behind and kicked the back of his knee, which made his knee bauckle and fall to the ground on his knees. I grabbed him in a choke hold and used my other hand to grab his hair and I yanked his hair back, making him look up at Steve who was obviously amused.

“Say sorry to my friend.” I growled in his ear.

“Sorry” the man said.

“His name is Steve.”

“Sorry Steve.” he choked I released him and stood up.

“Learn some fucking respect.” I tossed over my shoulder. They got up and walked in the other direction.

“Another bar fight? Classy.” Jim smirked.

“Fuck off.” I laughed.

“Did you bring three grown men to their knees like that? That is fucking impressive.” Lacey looked amazed.

“It’s not that hard. I grew up sparring, much like Mia” I smiled.

“Fun, right? Esme kept us in dance, singing, acting, musical instrument, one self defense class, and one hobby.” Mia added.

“What was your hobby?” Emmett asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? I did makeup.” I batted my eyelashes at him and laughed, “And I still cosplay. I was a fucking geek.”

“I wouldn’t change ya for the world.” Dalton kissed my hair.

“Good.” I smiled.

:ater that night there was more confrontation. Dalton accidenatlly touched a womans butt.


Abstract thoughts

I have yet to come up with a title, but this is an alternate universe in which Mia does not end up with Embry. I could have rewritten my original story, but that was doing too much and I would rather not. I suck, all I write about is Twilight, but that is what I enjoy the most. At least the plot is different (except the companion stories, those are made to  be similar, but each character thinks differently).  I probably could never write Emmett’s perspective because he doesn’t belong to me, if that makes sense. Anyways, my mind is swirling with these thoughts and decisions and it’s frustrating.